Campus Information

Principal Message:- It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you to VIST College of Nursing. On behalf of Faculty and staff, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you well at this stage of education. VIST College of Nursing has much to offer academically, socially and professionally, and I hope you will take maximum advantage from the opportunities during your stay in this college. Our curriculum is intelligently blended with curricular and extra-curricular activities which are highly facilitated by our tours, sports and academia. It is designed in such a way to improve the carrier and character building simultaneously. We have created the distinctive intention of growing our trainees into professionals. Our mission is to ensure quality standards of education and training of nursing and evidence-based practice and academia in years to come In sha Allah, I wish all the students and other members good luck and very bright future.

Campus Phone Directory:- Ph No:0992-390247